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Logo Design


Logos for various art organizations and events 

Poster Design

I've be creating promotional materials for the Salem Multicultural Institute and World Beat Festival including logos, letterhead, posters, programs, and newsletters since their beginning, over 15 years now. The banner (right) was used to promote the World Beat Festival and is about 6 ft. high. 

The links below are samples of posters I designed for the World Beat Festival, an annual event that has grown steadily over the years, and now brings 30,000 people together at Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon, always during the last weekend in June, for a gala celebration of cultural diversity.




A sample of the World Beat Program (from 2010):



Label Design

Honeywood Wine Labels showing variety within a unified layout:

Here are some of the illustrations for various Honeywood fruit wine labels. These were originally rendered in watercolor/pen and ink:

Below are samples of a wine label I created for Bjorn Vineyard. I illustrated the logo of the Viking Ship used behind the text (signifying the family's Viking heritage) and the bear seal, (Bjorn is Norwegian for "bear"). I presented the design using several different fonts and background colors. This client decided to go in a different direction, which sometimes happens. I enjoyed working on the design concepts, although they were never used.


All samples are designed by Tricia Young of Vision Graphix ©

An interesting fact: The moment anything is created whether it be written or drawn, the creator owns the copyright – that's the law. Copyright can only be transferred in a written legally binding agreement signed by the creator of the work stating they are transferring their rights to you. Saying you own it because you paid for it doesn't make it legal fact. If you do not have a written agreement from the creator of the artwork, specifically transferring the copyright to you, you do not own the copyright to those graphics.