Vision Graphix

Tricia Young – graphic artist

Tricia has been designing printed publications, as a freelance designer and for
various agencies since the mid-80's. She started Vision Graphix in 1991.

"Over the years, I have experienced a wide variety of design problems and find it a wonderful challenge to come up with the right solution. Typography, the spacial and linear aspects of design, color management, and  the psychological and sociological implications they achieve fascinate me because they are new with each project. There are trends, fads, and popular movements in the design world as well as the classical, traditional, and timeless qualities found in ageless design. There are no rules that fit all. That is the beauty of it, and the challenge of each design task. If the need for design is present, the ultimate design will be discovered."

Together we can make it happen!

Tricia studied Fine and Graphic Art at the University of Oregon. She finished her art studies at Western Oregon University, where she earned a degree in Art Education, working for many years in secondary schools in Oregon and Alaska, and with Community Colleges and art organizations teaching various art mediums. Her creative talents lead her to a long-lasting career in Graphic Design. She has worked for the state of Oregon as a graphic artist for over 10 years, and enjoys painting from her home studio as well as continuing her freelance design business.